Church Planting


A very high percentage of Ghana’s population still remains un-evangelized and unreached, and the Great Commission lies still largely unfulfilled. Statistics by the Ghana Evangelism Committee show that there are 14,000 un-churched towns and villages in Ghana alone. The heart desire of Meaningful Life International therefore, is to see Churches planted in these areas that have been neglected for so long. By following Jesus’ example of ministering to the physical needs of the people first, MLI reaches these deprived communities with boreholes and free medical clinics to demonstrate the physical love of Jesus to them. A spiritual door now opens for us to reach their hearts with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and introduce them to the Living Water, Healer and Savior.


In order to reach the people, we use evangelical tools like the Jesus Film Shows, door-to-door evangelism and Gospel crusades. Through the use of these tools, we have won, raised and encouraged hundreds of people to accept Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior.  Additionally, some of these new converts travel deeper into the rural areas sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not yet heard. We have seen great results over the years, and are convinced that God is with us in the fulfillment of this vision. We have seen more than ten (10) churches planted in four Regions of Ghana.


Once a village church is established, MLI seeks out an existing church in the nearby town to serve as partner.  The rural church is now empowered, encouraged and supported by the town church.  Another benefit of this partnership is that peace is strengthened in the community.



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