Development of most African countries is concentrated only in the urban areas whilst the rural areas are abandoned. According to statistics, over 70% of rural areas in Ghana lack social amenities. Residents in these areas therefore depend on stagnant pools of water for their daily use which is also a breeding ground for malaria –carrying mosquitoes.

During rainy seasons, the ground is pounded with tiny potholes of water which both adult and children have to wade in without flip-flops resulting in the infection of parasitic-worms.

Fishing and farming is the primary occupation of the inhabitants, and the doctor- patient ratio in Ghana is 1: 17,000 patients.” Meaning many will never have an opportunity to visit the doctor when they are sick.” These conditions are very similar in most African countries (e.g. Togo, Benin and Ethiopia) with our head quarters in Ghana; Meaningful Life International would seek to grow to every country on the African continent and beyond to eradicate these existing problems facing the children of God.
Children of Africa are looking into the future with hope and anticipation. Their future achievements will depend on how quickly we can reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet their physical needs. It is surprising some of the people in these rural communities tell us they have never heard the word of God till our visit, meanwhile these are our next generation of Governmental and Spiritual Leaders. Their lives can be as bright as their eyes if you and I join hand -in- hand to save these precious lives.
Meaningful Life International aspires to make a positive impact by helping others see their God given worth and help them reach their full potential for the development of our countries.

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