About Us

Meaningful Life International is a non-denominational Christian Non Governmental Organization and a non-profit Missionary Agency registered under the Ghana code 3177 with the Registrars General Department and based in Tema in the Greater Accra Region. MLI is registered with the Department of Social Welfare and a Member of the Ghana Evangelical Missions Association.

Meaningful Life International was organized in 2006 as a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) for evangelical outreach. Born out of the desire to empower individuals to fulfill their God given dreams, the agency’s main office is in the harbor port industrial city of Tema, Ghana. Meaningful Life International entered the international scene in 2010 when its sister agency, Meaningful Life USA was awarded its 501(c) 3 charitable nonprofit status.


Our Vision is to:

·  Borehole – Provide Fresh Water Wells where no clean drinking water is available.
·  Medical – Send local medical professionals to the rural communities to provide free Medical Care.
·  Church Planting – Take the word of God to the Unreached.
·  Leadership Training – Identify and train promising individuals to become leaders in their community and the country.



MLI believes that every individual is a unique creation of God who is endowed with the capacity to fulfill their spiritual, social and emotional needs if given the right opportunity, direction and support. We have a passion to help individuals see themselves as God sees them, valuable and worthwhile by uplifting their spirits through the gospel of Jesus Christ, their minds through leadership development and their bodies by bringing medical card and clean drinking water to their doorsteps.


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